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Released exclusively on Spotify®, this self-produced 2 track EP pays homage to the hollow and wild feelings of the city; Hollow/Rogue Wave shows a further push of Noah's style in an experimental direction, utilizing a unique acoustic-electronic blend for both rhythmic and instrumental sections. Gentle samples of busy streets and intricate vocal harmonies make for an intense listen, and a strong follow-up to in my bag, Noah's debut EP. 

in my bag 

Noah's first solo EP, a self-produced and accomplished work, featuring up-and-coming rapper Archduke Redcat. The work, pieced together as a personal project for Noah, draws from acoustic icons like John Mayer and fuses intricately together with hip hop and jazz rhythmic sections, topped with Noah's velvety vocal harmonies. Described by Noah as "more of a work of catharsis than a work of art," in my bag is an introduction into Noah's unique world of vocal and instrumental influences that strikes a resonant tone with listeners and fans. 


"I didn’t know anything about how to record music at this point, but it was in a point in my life where I lost a lot of relationships to others and myself that gave me security and self assurance. I didn’t know how to make an EP but I put one out anyway because it was my way of showing myself that there was something worth continuing on for," said Rosner. 

For fans of: John Mayer, Childish Gambino, The Overcoats, Asher Roth. 

Voyages, Vol. 1

A collaboration with Korean artist and long-time close friend of Noah, Sonny, Zero's soulful R&B vocals meet Noah's velvety acoustics on this collaborative 8-track album. The work, mixed and mastered by Jeremiah, wsa built to commemorate the duo's long-time friendship before parting ways in early 2019.

For fans of: James Blake, Brambles, and The Black Keys.

As part of"Church & State"duo.

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