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Ever-evolving and incessantly pushing his own boundaries in music, New-York-based Noah Rosner is slowly raising his voice throughout the local music scene, and it is a voice that needs to be heard.  Born and raised in Nyack, New York, Noah's full titles stretch from singer/songwriter and guitarist, to jazz vocalist, composer and freelance bassist.

As a vocalist, Noah has already received national attention in the field, becoming one of the select few vocal members of the 2017 Grammy Foundation® Jazz Band Choir, and performing on national broadcasts and at world-class venues at as young as 17 years old. Noah's momentum only continued, after winning the acclaimed Jazz Forum Arts Society Jazz Vocal Competition during that same year.

Noah's life experience provides a dense backdrop to the intricate music he now creates, heavily influenced by jazz greats like Miles Davis, Chet Baker, and the Bossa Nova rhythms of Antonio Carlos Jobim. All this and more, in addition to the tight pop and jazz vocal harmonies that seemingly float atop his John-Mayers-esque acoustic tracks. As he continues to develop his own unique sound, Noah has struck an intimate and introspective vein with classmates, musical peers, and fans that he can only hope to continue to touch upon. 



Released exclusively on Spotify®, the 2 track EP pays homage to the hollow and wild feelings of the city, Hollow/Rogue Wave shows a further push of Noah's style in an experimental direction, utilizing a unique acoustic-electronic blend for both instrumental and instrumental sections. Gentle samples of busy streets and intricate vocal harmonies make for a stunning listen, and a strong follow-up to in my bag, Noah's debut EP. 


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